Top five areas on DV-Craft.

On DV-Craft, there are a lot of good areas to visit if you are joining for the first time, or you have not been on in a while. And these are five cool places to visit.

#5 – The pixel art archive is a cool place to go if you like looking at art, and a new addition is always appreciated.

#4 – Just looking around spawn is sometimes fun, and you can look around in people’s houses and maybe get some ideas.

#3 – Team bases are good to look at, because you can tell what their strong suits are, and how well they build.

#2 – if you like to do jumping puzzles, or running through obsticals, you can go to the parkour area and play a little. (SOMEBODY PLEASE BUILD ONE!!! MINE IS THE ONLY ONE THERE!!!)

#1 – The laboratory is the first place you will want to visit, because there are so many cool Redstone projects going on, and there is always something cool being made.

And those are my five top picks. Go to one, and have fun!


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