Weekly Update 3/18/2013

DVIA Minecraft League Weekly Update 3/18/2013:



Inside look of the Boss Minecrafter’s base.
Photo by crazysammy12

The DVIA Minecraft League website is now up!  This will be the place to find all of our student’s work, as well as updates about the DVIA Minecraft League.

XP Update:

Top 5 XP Leaders:

1st: Bebobay with 175 XP

2nd: Kululu966 with 75 XP

3rd: Pvt_Ryan413 with 70 XP

4rd: lambodriver2 with 65 XP

5th: MassiveMan73 each with 60 XP

Top 3 Teams:

1st: Dwarves of Ironforge with 315 XP 

2nd: Bananaschnitzels with 270 XP

3rd: Minecraftians with 80 XP

Student Work:


This week, we have only had one proposal  submitted.  This proposal was submitted by bebobay, kululu966, and lambodriver2.  These three are on a team called the Dwarves of Ironforge.  Their proposal is about a new area they call Gnomeregan.  I’ll let their proposal tell you the function of Gnomeregan.

“Gnomeregand DV-Craft build.

The Gnomeregand build for the Da Vinci Minecraft server will benefit the
server in three ways: #1, it will provide a home base for the lonely players with no
home. #2, it will be an area where players can mingle, and will act as a secondary
hub. And #3, it will be a big project, and will give people a chance to get together
and build something awesome. This project will be led by Benjamin H. (bebobay),
Morgan U. (Kululu966), and Eric S. (Lambodriver2).

Gnomeregand will be good for the server because it will provide a home
base for the lonely players that are not part of a team, or their team does not
have a set base. But this will not mean that teams do not have to make a base,
and will have to pay “rent” to stay in Gnomeregand. This “rent” will not be in the
form of money, but in the form of a service. If a single person wants to rent out
an area of Gnomeregand, he/she has to make an addition to Gnomeregand, or
they can go into debt and preform a service for any member of “The Dwarves of
Iron Forge.” Same goes if a team wants to rent out an area, except every member
of that team must perform a service.

Having Gnomeregand as a secondary hub will give players a new place to
build around, and a new forum can be made there. Be it this hub would be a tad
more organized, meaning that the builds would have to fit with the surrounding
structures. I say that because this would be an ongoing build meaning that even
after the actual build is done players will still be building onto it. This second hub
would also be good since it is up to the students decision about what goes on the
board and what doesn’t and giving an example of what students are doing and
such. But I would also suggest that the warps to the bases be placed in this
secondary hub since it has extra space and is more of a place for people to gather
more so than the normal hub.

Just the construction of Gnomeregand itself will bring the teams together
to create something awesome, and it will help teach the teams how to work as
a group, and make it look like it belongs together. This will also help the social
situation on the server, as when people know and have worked on a project with

each other, they will be less likely to grief the other person’s things. And this
project will be a big one, and throughout the build, players might learn some
building tips that will be helpful on future builds, like the Egypt mega-build, and
possibly their team base.

Over all, the Gnomeregand project will be a big project that will get players
and teams together to build something amazing, and learn some tips along the
way. When it is completed, homeless players and teams will be able to stay
there until they themselves have a home to stay. And Gnomeregand will be the
secondary hub, with the team base warps, and any other warps that did not fit in

Please take this poll, as it will help in deciding the fate of this project:


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