1.5 is here!

Hello good sir. My name is Mr. nyancatsuki and I’m here to inform you on the new 1.5 update.

As anticipated, they have daylight sensors in the redstone update, but they also have other cool things in the redstone update, such as item hoppers which pick up dropped items near them. These also can be used for storage, but are mostly used for mob fighting.  There’s also Trap chests, which can send a positive redstone charge when opened, which gives players the opportunity to make chest based traps, which could serve as a new anti griefing measure. Another item in the new update is the Redstone Block. Redstone Blocks give a positive charge to any redstone device it’s hooked up to, but it can’t be turned on and off . It also works as a storage method and would make good fake blood for giant steves. (but then again there are children on this server so…) There is also the new redstone comparator, which works like an AND gate, because it has two inputs that both have to be on in order for a redstone charge to go through it.

The new update has also added a new building block. That’s right people, it’s Quartz. Quartz is obtained via mining Nether Quartz and when it is made into blocks looks a lot like limestone or whatever the White House is made of…Whitestone.

So that’s what you should expect in the new update! nyancatsuki away!


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